Monday, 24 August 2009

I have to ask myself if this blog lark is wearing off, as its nearly a month since I last blogged.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your view I have to say no its not. Since I last blogged have made a concerted effort not to do my usual rant at the convoluted way the country is run or whatever had taken my fancy that day.

However the repatriation of the "Libyan Bomber" I'm sure everyone remembers Lockerbie is a case in point as to why we need an urgent change of government. If anyone is under the illusion that the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) acted without Labour saying it was ok, in my opinion they would be mad.

Lets look at the facts Labour are out at the next election squeezed all the way back to the Highlands of Scotland where the SNP is the only serious threat and what better way to make them look stupid and unfit to govern! So there you have it's "Let's stitch up Alex Salmond week"

Moving on at a fair rate of knots and noticing we have just won the Ashes back, by the way if you haven't noticed yet you may be having a problem breathing.

We seem to be in that curious area of summer where Football and Cricket share the calender and we are deluged with sport to watch. Winter will be here soon enough and for the sensible sport becomes something to be watched in front of a good fire.

At the Hoodeners Horse pub in Great Chart Ashford you know the spiel Twitter @hoodenershorse we do Mexican food, Real ale and home made chips call 01233 625583 to book a table we have continued to run our Tweet meet lunch's the last being far more successful than i'd expected with 20+ people there on the day. A special thanks to the following people @Abaddonspit@babssaul@canterburygeeks@directassist@JennieLichfield@jododds

Also a thanks to those that let me know they might or could not make it. Looking forward to meeting you all next time!


Under comments I see that Mr Anonymous posted Again! Again! Again! I know who you are and if you bang on the desk like that in future you'll hurt yourself.

Unexpectedly 2 blogs were written about the day which approached the subject in different ways. The first one by @Abaddonspit was about the pub and this has been posted on the staff notice board so they can see the effect they can have on the business when they work hard.

To read @Abaddonspit Blog follow this link

The second Blog was written @Vatark and was about using Twitter as a marketing tool,this was blogged and Twittered as far as I can tell to nearly 10,000 people. Exposure indeed and I sincerely hope they don't all turn up at once or we will have to say there is a 20 mins delay on food due to the volume roflmao.

To read @Vatark blog follow this link

All that's left for me is to thank my bloggers, my attendees and please follow them if you use Twitter they are all real people well I think they are, and to announce the date of the next TweetLunch at the Hoodenershorse.

The next lunch will be at HoodenersHorse on friday 18th of September numbers will be tight sign up here