Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Years Resolutions 2010

Taking a look at 2009 should give me a clue to 2010 thought i, but then again 2009 was a monumental year with so many preconceived thoughts turned on their heads that I think it will take most of 2010 to get some semblance of balance.
I changed my business plan 5 years ago lest recession hit again, as at the time my business owed the best part of £1 million in indemnified business loans. In 2009 this finally worked out through the system and we all cried a collective sigh of relief as a recession did hit and we now only owed about £25,000.
In my personal life the year pretty much ambled on as usual, several holidays away including one on a farm in a cottage north of north Yorkshire with no Internet. To say this was like spending a day in a locked room with Janet Street Porter would have been an understatement. I went to extreme lengths to stay in touch with my friends and fellow twitterers in an attempt to maintain my sanity which was falling apart at the time. Not everyone I know understood this and there lies another story!
One of the shocks of the year was when mum was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer which later spread to her Liver and she moved in with us around about last August/ September whilst she had treatment. They say its only when you have contact with the NHS that you realise just how good it can be and i can now say where we are, was fantastic to us through the whole process.
Sadly a miracle cure was not to be and mum passed away at home with us all around her, peacefully on the morning of December the 8th.
The funeral passed without problem on December the 23rd at Barham Crematorium although when one of the pall bearers caught his foot on a carpet she nearly arrived at the front of the chapel quicker than decorum would have allowed! I can't help but think she would have found that funny!
I can name most of the people who supported me this year but not all, so you know who you are and the part you played. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!
During the year I have seen friends depart and old ones return, I have left friends behind, or they have left me and I have gained new ones. I value you all equally "but just remember a friend in need is a pain in the arse!"
So to 2010 what am i going to do:

1) I intend to help more people achieve what they want by lending assistance where necessary!
2)The fitness program will be stepped up to a new level and I will lose another 3 stone or slim trying!
3)Its impossible to erase the lines from my face but I resolve to remember how each one was earned and how many tears I cried getting them!
4)The difficult one will be writing a business plan for all my businesses and sticking to them not getting the 2010 plan out of a dusty draw in 2014 and saying "oh that's what i meant to do!"
5)I intend to learn to play the Guitar! As singing is not my forte even in the bath I'm not sure I will go the whole way but you never know if I find out I can play guitar I might learn to do a passable Lee Marvin "wandering star" impression.
6)I resolve to actually listen to others in 2010 even when I know they are wrong and make them feel part of the process.
7)When i am stressed because of something I can't control which isn't often I resolve not to take it out on an innocent party rather I will ensure I take it out on the person who has streesed me.
8)Finally I will strive to have my best year ever as "I have seen the future and it gets ever closer!"

All that remains is for me to wish you all a prosperous and successful New Year and please remember when you make someone else happier you feed a flame in yourself!

Play this to feel good

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hoodeners Horse Beer Festival 18th to 25th December 2009

So its xmas again and with that time of the year comes the spirit of giving and this year we are giving you the chance of trying 20+ Real Ales obviously not all at the same time as we only have 7 Real Ale handpulls.

When one is finished another will be started and so on until we finish all 20 different Real Ales on offer. The more you drink the more we rotate the choice.

So the Real Ales on offer :-

Steingold by Saltaire Brewery (4.3%) A german style golden Ale

Lancaster Blond by Lancaster Brewery Ltd (4.1%) A Vivid Golden Bitter

Christmas Cracker by Wickwar Brewing co (4.2%) Smooth Amber Ale

Bearly Literate by Beartown Brewery (4.5%) Golden Pale Ale

Exmoor Gold by Exmoor Ales (4.5%) Single Malt golden Ale

Fireside by Camerons (4.3%) Mahogany coloured Ale

Wolves Ale by Newmans Brewery (4.1%) Refreshing session Bitter

Rocking Rudolph by Hardys & Hansons (4.2%) Full bodied Malty and fruity xmas ale

Christmas Steps by Butcombe (4.2%) Made with Phoenix and Bramling cross hops

Storyteller by Highgate Brewery (4.1%) Delicious light pale Ale

Winter on the Piste by Wyre Piddle Brewery ( 4.3%) Amber coloured premium beer

Proper Job by St Austell Brewery (4.5%) IPA brewed with cornish spring water

Wild Hop by WIld Hop Brewery (3.8%) Golden hoppy session bitter

Web Ellis by Willey Brewing co (3.8%) session bitter hoppy and fruity

Pride of Pendle byMoorhouse's brewery (4.1%) fine balance of malt and hops

St Austell Tribute needs no introductions.

Doombar by Sharp's Brewery an old stalwart in the pub

Adnams old Ale by Adnams (4.1%) traditional winter warmer

Haggis Hunter by Harviestown Brewery (4.3%) Floral spicy hoppy taste

Coronation St by JW Lees & co (4.2%) brewed with Northern Soul

Youngs Special by Wells and Youngs again a stalwart in the pub.

We hope to see you all to try the offering and the more successful this is the more times next year we will do the same so spread the word for us bring your friends and have a "Real Ale"

Incidentally Boxing day A Real Ale Challenge drink a pint from each of the real ales between 12-6pm and get your next pint free the barmans decision is final.

So all that remains to be said is "Have a merry xmas and a prosperous New Year!"