Sunday, 31 May 2009

You've got to start somewhere.

Seems as though i'm finally catching up with the 21st century, quite amusing really as I used to be a prestel user (old BT system really old) and was using that system in the 1980's. From Prestel I became an AOL user with a direct dial modem that made snails look fast and then a user of various financial websites but ask me about that some other time.

Can I now call myself a blogger, perhaps it's time to sit down whilst I "blog" as the laughing is becoming hysterical really can't believe my two digit typing will drag me through, my first question is obviously where is the spell check?

How do I decide whats interesting and as I think I'm only the life and soul of the party after 8 pints of Real Ale do I need an excuse to drink every day any longer? Perhaps I commit to an interesting Blog daily.

So now for the truth a friend at least i think he is a friend got me twittering 2 weeks ago and I hold him directly responsible and so I expect will you too! For information I "Twitter" as Hoodenershorse.

Thats all for now, more tomorrow who knows someone somewhere will surely read it.

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