Monday, 1 June 2009

Down the gym

After yesterdays little foray into the world of blogging I decided to plan out how to approach today and guess what, nothing went to plan. The game plan was to go to the gym this morning talk through the stories of the day, see what I had an opinion on and comment accordingly.

Well to start with my golfing buddy who I attend the gym with texted me at 10:45 last night(sunday) to say meetings in morning had to be in gym by 7am, no tea before hand and off to work for 8:30am. Now this may seem hurried to you but to me it was like running a marathon, not even sure if my alarm clock has a place on it for 06:30am but it does 06:35, so i set off and even remembered to get dressed first.

Arrived at gym body clock all over the place and system protesting, that i should even try to do a session on the treadmill before I'd had 2 cups of tea at the very least, one needs to work the alcohol out of one's system first don't you know. It didn't go well, if Jo Brand had been on the treadmill next to me I would have made her look sleek and fast. Eventually the torture was over and with the temperature in the gym causing me to sweat whilst watching other people workout I headed for the showers.

Most mornings i get to read perhaps 3 papers but today only The Sun so todays opinions may be slightly biased. The conversation over tea after the gym centered around Ancelotti for Chelsea Manager or was it Abramovitch for Pope I can't quite remember.

However I did get to see some of the Brown (PM unelected) interview on one of the news Channels please please Labour don't get rid of him he is a positive benefit for all the other parties, this morning only 3 muckups that I noticed as follow:
  1. He claimed to be shocked by the expenses of nearly 620 elected MP's who have milked the system for years, so once again we hear it was someone else, but he is the man who can put it right. Get real Mr Brown if you didn't know about it, your not fit to be Prime Minister in the first instance.
  2. That he would not call an election until he had solved the recession and budget deficit, not call me an old fool if you will but I thought he had to call an election by the start of may 2010. Whats he going to do this time ignore everyone again and refuse to go to the country?
  3. Finally he seems to regard the BNP as a target of opportunity for the European Elections and I can't help wondering if this is because he can't score points anymore off, of the other main parties i.e. Conservatives, UKIP & Liberal Democrats. For heavens sake he seems to be saying that he is fighting for 4th place against the BNP in the local and eurpeaan elections is this the man to lead the country?

Nearly enough said just wanted to say I hope Subo gets better soon and is allowed to go back to her old life without being thrust into the public domain which painfully or so it would appear she may not be able to cope with.

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