Saturday, 11 July 2009

Hoodeners Horse Real Ales August to October

Real ale is a throwback to a previous time when beer had less chemicals and was served warm. It has spawned many and varied local breweries all trying in the current climate to survive. All said and done a well presented, well kept Real Ale is as much a part of what makes Britain Great as seeing the England Football Team lose on penalties at some tournament!

To get a feel for Real Ale Brewing in Kent, I went looking for some information on micro breweries and this is what I found This lists 12 open breweries in Kent although I believe there are more and 19 that have been closed or merged. This shows that in an era of ever greater industrialisation and the concept that bigger is better the micro real ale brewer still survives.

Camra that supporter of Real Ale beers and Old pubs has recently started a campaign for pubs to use Micro brewers as much as they can and now runs an accreditation scheme for pubs that support local brewers . The following link is to our local Camra web site which is looking much improved these days. Well done guys.

However because of beer ties some pubs can only buy in what they are offered from their pub Co and at the Hoodeners Horse Great Chart, thats the position we find ourselves in and where ever possible local breweries are used .

We signed up some time ago for Finest Cask which generally gives us a choice of 26 ales each quarter from various breweries and the skill is sorting out which ones could go well in the pub as well as getting the price right.

The Beers on offer over the next quarter in addition to our regular beers ( London Pride, St Austell Tribute & Bombardier, will be chosen from the following list and tasting notes will be available for any one who signs up to this blog as a member.

Bearskinful (4.2%) Beartown Brewery
Black Cat (3.4%) Moorhouses Brewery
Eye opener (4.5%) Stonehenge Ales
Ginger Pig (4.4%) Sprinhead Brewery
Heligan Honey (4.0%) Skinners Brewery
Meantime London IPA (4.3%) Meantime Brewery
Morland Original Bitter (4.0%) Morland Brery
Piddle Artist (4.2%) Wyre Piddle Brewery
Samba (3.7%) Leed Brewery
Samson (4.0%) Maxim Brwery
Sharp's Cornish Coaster (3.6%) Sharp's Brewery
Smiles Liquid Gold (4.2%) Smiles Brewing Company
Yellow Hammer (4.2%) o'hanlons brewing company

Look for further information nearer the time as to whats on and when by following "Hoodenershorse" on twitter.

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