Thursday, 2 July 2009

July Already

Over the last couple of weeks I have almost blogged 5 times as gems of ideas formed in my head about blog subjects and then flitted away in the same manner to which they arrived. You know what they say though that eventually a good idea wins out so here is the good July idea blog you've all been waiting for.

Swine Flu seems everywhere at the moment and the authorities seem to be allowing it to spread without check. Apparently the first few Tamiflu resistant cases are materialising and that doesn't bode well for the Autumn and Winter period when the Pandemic could hit big time and at the same stage already have mutated into something more deadly.

My own theory as to why the spread of Swine Flu in its current weak state is being allowed is that in the 1919 Flu Pandemic when millions died a similar pattern of infection was observed. A number of infections occurred spring and summer with the people who originally caught it not avoiding reinfection but having some immunity against the final full form of the Pandemic when it hit!

Today on Tweeter I saw somebody actually voice upset with the numbers of "Success" coaches on the system trying to flog life improvement courses, can't help but feel its their life we'd improve, oh and their bank balance.

Seriously though in investment terms when people invest so heavily in something its called a "Bubble" and its only a matter of time before everyone has a life coach in a cupboard at home as they are already Ten a Penny. I'm thinking of bringing out a book 101 useful different things to do with a Life coach!

For example how many life coaches does it take to change a Light bulb? Answer " Please follow this link and I'll show you how we made money by changing thousands of light bulbs a day" The light bulb of course remains unchanged and fused.

A Blog at this time would remain incomplete without a mention of Michael Jackson, a man who at the end resembled a sad broken person. A song writer of great genius, a dancer beyond compare who changed the face of modern music. A flawed individual who should never been allowed to control himself.

He was just about to face the greatest challenge of reinvention possible at age 50, to take part in a tour again and rise to the occasion, however his dependence on drugs was to be his downfall and put paid to any chance of that.

It would be wrong to ignore the preoccupation with children when talking or writing about Michael Jackson because whether or not there was something more to this than meets the eye, it was silly to put himself in such a stupid position. A position that marred his life and others. I for one hope that the concerts go ahead with the remaining Jacksons and other starts and video footage as a tribute.

Finally you might think I've left Labour alone this time but you would be wrong with the announcement that they will not issue spending plans prior to the next election they once again set themselves up for criticism.

What is it with these people? We know about spending cuts so don't lie about yours be honest and start to face Political redemption, lie and face political Wilderness!

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