Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Down the gym

Late this morning, why is it this week going to the Gym is causing me such problems ah yes younger wsd (Working Sheep Dog) went on walkabout but luckily responded to my calls and gave away where she and our Border Collie were getting through the hedge when they decide to re-enact the film "The Great Escape". Have you ever seen a dog ride a motorcycle like Steve McQueen?

As I was rounding the last roundabout a text arrived declaring my cup of Tea was getting cold, as I previously explained can't do fitness without at least 2 cups of Tea inside me, I'm sure its an age thing.

The current theme this morning is the Question someone should ask of Gordon Brown, "Mr Brown who is that behind you?" and when he says "No-one" the reply would be "Exactly". So when the bloodbath of elections tomorrow is over who will be left standing in the labour party to don the mantle of PM? Will they also claim no General Election will be needed.

Lets take a quick look at the tricks the ruling party of this country could pull to keep power.

  1. They could naturalise all illegal immigrants in the UK over night giving them the vote and hoping that they vote for the party that gave them citizenship.
  2. In a last ditch attempt to advoid wipe out at the next election, they could bring in proportional representation something the Liberals have been clamouring foryears for!
  3. How about a national coalition for these troubled times with the Liberal Democrats with Vince Cable as PM and anybody else who will sit down round the table as long as they aren't Conservatives.
  4. Finally if all else fails how about a coup on the basis that it would be unfair to the Labour party if their collective snouts were to be removed so roughly from the troughs before they have made enough money.

I had a discussion some weeks ago after a fitness session where i said that "Call me Dave" Cameron should try the "David Davies" manouver and tell his Mp's to resign on mass and try and force an election, now it seems that the Liberal Democrats are touting the idea around although I can't see them doing anything but losing seats if they dare try. Even Richard Littlejohn of the Mail was yesterday putting the same idea around, I'm starting to wonder if the guy on the next table when we put the world to rights with a notebook is working for the Daily Mail or The Sun?

So that just left the football world to put right Stevie Gerrard finally confirmed yesterday all the years of being the only world class Liverpool player has, has gone to his head, when he declared thatLiverpool should re-sign Michael Owen who incidentally I do feel sorry for, as I hate to think what it must be like to be so good and have injury after injury, steal it away from you. I'd like to think I'd have repayed some of my wages as a forfeit for not being able to play often enough.

Premiership clubs please take note if you want a slow player who can't play anywhere on the pitch cost £120,000 a week and who will be available due to injuries, a smattering of times over a 3 year period for cameo last 15 minutes where he will not get out of breath or make a blind bit of difference to the result please call me!

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