Friday, 19 June 2009

Here we are again another friday, have had several chuckles this week but the most embarassing was during a run on the treadmill weds morning. This i can assure is something akin to the sight of a Bull Elephant in full charge, with added wheezing.

Anyway to be blunt my belly had a terminal collission with the emergency stop button during a run at 8.5km per hour which resulted as you can imagine in an emergency stop and I now realise what the riders at Badmington horse trials must go through when their horse refuses a fence. I don't think im going over the top when i say that!

Deliberate lie of the week falls yet again to Gordon Brown who at least he is consistent about something. Speaking at the GMB conference he said that after the elections the Tories if in power would make 350,000 state employees redundant. It seems no one told him he'd already committed to do that himself in his latest spending proposals. D'oh

Down the gym gets worse as during an after Gym coffee, up walked someone from the golf club, who when asked how long he'd spent in the gym remarked not long but then he didn't need to.I like to think that after 6 months of purgatory trying to get fit, there would come a time when i wouldn't need to try hard and then I remember that anyone eating a piece of cake in the same room as me causes me to have a 3 pound weight gain per mouthful.

Formula 1 seems to be ending up in tears today with a lot of the teams electing to breakaway next season. It is a shame but Max Moseley and co do seem as though they could slide into the ruling Iran Government at a moments notice if they needed a job. This is absolute tosh as what is being said is that the teams must limit their spending in a sport where spending vs technology equals results and too much meddling spoils the end result for the fan.

I can't imagine Max Mosely saying to Sir Alex Ferguson for instance that you can spend £60 million on a new player or pay a paticular player wages of over £150,000 a week even though Football is the very sport that does need to reign in the spending.

On Football Stuart Pierce shows his fangs as U21 manager last night with his masterful mental handling of Theo Walcott, by using him as a sub he put the team first and inspired a display from them all which beat the tournament favourites Spain. I had Stuart Pierce down as a 2nd rate manager up to now, a sort of Tony Adams like character who was too nice to cut it whist deserving total support.

Its too early yet to proclaim Stuart Pierce a future England Manager however the FA definetely have got right the cross fertilisation of personel between the England management sides well done guys!

On the business front an interesting wek and I'm about to set off for The Hoodeners Horse for a meeting with 3 or 4 fellow Twitterers, what will I make of them and more importantly what will they make of the pub and me. Oh well not to worry must remember to clean teeth, smile a lot, not pick food up of plate with fingers when eating soup and not to pass wind in public.

The Mp's expenses scandal rumbles on and on, not sure any further good can come out of this, perhaps there is a dearth of news out there that is more interesting. However they don't deserve a £15k per annum pay rise, we must expect them to do the same trick with expenses again at some point int the future as soon as people forget.

Got to go now expect another update next week and hopefully there will be something different to talk about other than MP's Expenses!

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