Friday, 12 June 2009

Its been a while!

To be precise 7 days during which I haven't blogged. As in all things in life you have to take stock of what your doing and try to improve it from time to time. Note to self advoid going to pub 1 day a week and listen to self.

Up to a couple of weeks ago I had never dreamed I would write a blog, nor had it occoured to me someone might want to read it. So what makes an interesting blog?

For me the answer has to be something written from the heart which makes reading it easy but involves the reader and with all due respect to a number of people, not something which promises online millions if you sign up for the free(non-free) 3 minute course.

Most of my good blog ideas are fleeting and I must remember to get a notebook and write them down as my memory is not what it used to be. Alternatively i'm just not funny any longer if ever I was? Answers on a postcard to Johnathon Ross marked "Don't p off Andrew Sachs in future!"

On the subject of Johnathon Ross, good news this week as pay cuts all round at the Beeb means his next contract will be for less money £2.5 million less. Ronaldo I hope your reading this. My view of the Great Woss is that he should have been put out to grass and summarily sacked, if he comes on any medium now I turn over. My eldest son is more forgiving however and I must admit when the Woss lets the interviewees speak instead of thinking he is the star, he is not bad.

The real star of The Johnathon Ross show on the BBC has to be "The Piano" as in "Four Poofs and a Piano" seriously those guys are either very good actors or they are living a dream where they rub shoulders with top stars who the everyday person might idolise. Imagine the Job description "Sing Musical Entry for (star???)" try to be funny, pick up pay cheque. Long may it continue.

The government out thought me this week as whilst I predicted the conversation about Proportional Representation I didn't predict the minister going off message and admitting taxes would rise under Labour to pay the bill! Now there's a suprise. Hey look peeps we are in a mess and its wake up time soon, hope we have all got deep pockets.

Gordon Brown seen in rehearsals for Oliver the musical,Rowan Atkinsons needs an understudy as Fagin. " Got to pick a pocket or two boys!" You can imagine the music for yourself but with a scottish lilt and sucking of lower lip before telling next lie!

On the subject of money I try not to envy people who earn massive amounts of money because in an ordinary market phase where people are employed and not struggling, its all relative but I do find the Ronaldo issue a bit off.

The transfer fee for Ronaldo could buy all of the 63 teams in the top 3 divisions of non-league football or build a 40,000 seater football stadium. Just think what Gillingham FC could do with that? The weekly pay is stupendous and I liked the cartoon of Gordon Brown in the Times sitting on a football in football strip saying something about a £2 Trillion transfer fee. When though will the ordinary fan stop going through the turnstiles funding this Roman orgy of extravigant spending.

Another recurring theme this week has been how good we are at football, come on Jermain Defoe scored twice against Andorra, lets get real they were part timers and we should have scored 10.

Finally taking a look around the world today I notice that despite everything else the Sky hasn't fallen in and Life goes on. Not a bad message to remember if and when things go wrong.

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