Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday morning marking time

Sunday is such a great day, but why do we always ask on monday where did the Weekend go? I naturally have some thoughts about that.
  • When we go out friday night, have too much to drink and wake up the next day, we find its monday and obviously the calender fairy has stolen 2 days.
  • Time as Einstein correctly described does not flow in a linear manner (on sticky ground did Einstein say that?) Therefore its obvious to me that at weekends time travels 2 or 3 times as fast.
  • Alternatively time during the week slows down and its only at weekends that times speeds back up.

What ever the answers simple, time runs faster at weekends when you've got nothing to do except look after yourself.

When Neil Kinnock was thrown out as Labour Leader we all thought we'd got rid of him and his wife Glenys, wrong people. It appears the chancer had seen that the Brussels Gravy train was worth more than being UK Prime Minister and that the money was over there to be had. Boy has he had the money over the years millions of it in fact and he and his wife have even claimed double housing expenses whilst living in the same house.

We now know that the expenses scandal has been going on for a long time and should henceforth be called by this Blog the "Kinnick Manouver!"

I blame my wife (for most things) no seriously when the boys were young she used to play games with them in the car, about which cars they could spot and new number plates. My eldest is a car nut in every way and if ever "Top Gear" need a new presenter I have first refusal over his management contract, I'm no fool I've seen what Clarkson is paid. So over a period I've found myself discovering Top Gear in a way I never thought I would it all helps that the presenters are overgrown kids.

James May article in The "Mail on Sunday" today, was more of an interview, about a person that comes over with a great deal of humour but also down to earth. If you get a chance to watch the three series on drink he has done with "Oz Clark" they often repeat on the Sateillite channels then do so. One series was made in America, another in Europe and the third in the UK.

Later in the year we have hired a cottage "up north" and during the UK series Oz & James featured a railway trip where 3 stations had buffets run by the same company each buffet featured up to 10 real ales and all were different. No problems with transport you just catch the train. I can see it now, monday morning on holiday, just going out dear I'll be back friday, no of course I won't be drinking.

The final comment on Mr May was something I'd like to qoute from the article which made me laugh and no telling what it will do to anyone reading this. " If you hit Oz Clarke with a cricket bat he would tell you something about the flavour of the wood as he went down!"

I see that the England team from 1966, you know the reserves have finally got medals overdue sadly. Everyone seems to have forgotten the people from 1066 and the "Battle of Hastings" who were never rewarded for their good deeds on the day, Ok so it may be a bit late for them but what about the last two survivors of the First World War who both have been honoured by the french.

It's so rare for the French to get it right that I'm sitting down typing this. So Henry Allingham and Harry Patch last two surviving British veterans from the "Great War" have not been honoured in the Queens Birthday Honours List, not much time to get this one right!

In recent years these 2 men with their quiet dignity have found themselves thrust more into the 21st century than they would have expected to be at 100years old +. I know there have been others that have carried the torch along the way, these two are left as the last reminders of a time in our History we must not forget!

They are regarded fondly I would suspect by most people in the country regardless of Race,Creed or Religion and at an age when they expected to be in a dark corner of a nursing home, seldom seeing the light of day, they find themselves Celebrities. Not for them the fleeting Celebrity of Big Brother with its constant exposure of "trash brittania!"

So that leaves the Question just who advises the Queen on the honours list hmmm?

All that leaves for this blog is to post a link to this 8min video on The Last Post ceremony at Ypres and a hope that you follow the link

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